Cum si cand renunta un antreprenor la o idee de business?

Cuprins Care este diferenta intre o idee si un business? De ce ar renunta vreodata cineva la o idee? Care sunt semnalele de alarma pentru o idee slaba de business? Ce este de facut atunci cand business-ul incalca valorile antreprenorului? Care este cel mai potrivit moment pentru a renunta la o idee? Cum renunta cineva … Read more

Entrepreneurs Overcoming Procrastination

Introduction Lots of people, especially when first starting out their business, are struggling. But there are many ways for entrepreneurs to overcome procrastination.  Do you have times when you know exactly what you want to do, you want to do it and just don’t? Or do you sometimes struggle with knowing exactly what you need … Read more

Are interruptions good or bad?

Introduction Whether we like them or not interruptions are part of all our lives. Sometimes we feel frustrated and irritated because of them. For example if you’re trying to work on an important project at work and you are constantly interrupted by requests. And sometimes we are very grateful for them. For example if you’re … Read more

Coronavirus the Greatest Opportunity

Step 1. Define the problem At the beginning of 2020 COVID-19 came out of nowhere like a hurricane and took almost everyone by surprise. Most countries entered into lockdowns and most people stayed stuck in their homes. Tourism ground to a halt, restaurants closed, people felt frightened by the uncertainty of the future. International trade … Read more

Self-Discipline and Self-Control

From the very beginning of history all the way to today, highly successful people have had an implicit and sometimes explicit understanding that the way to achieve success in any endeavor in this life is to be disciplined in your actions. But what is discipline and why would it offer an advantage over other life … Read more

Frustration is my sensei

We all have experienced frustration in our lives. Maybe in the form of repetitive thoughts, we can’t control. Maybe in the form of anger towards ourselves for “not knowing better”. Maybe in the form of a disappointment for failing “yet again”. In this article, I’m going to attempt to convince you that no matter what … Read more